Trending Attitude alight motion video editing | Alight motion shake effect video editing | alight motion edits

Trending Attitude alight motion video editing | Alight motion shake effect video editing | alight motion edits

So friends, in this video, I have told you how you can edit attitude motion video with the help of alight motion app, if you make this video and put it on your social media platform.

 So this video is very likely to go viral because if you follow the steps that I have told you in this video, then your video is going to be very good.

 So first of all you people have to download the alight motion app from our website and install that app in your mobile, you have to turn on the alight motion app, after turning it on, here first you will find one below this post of ours You will get the download material button, you have to press that button.

 That button will be written to you on a new website and on that website, I have given you the link of a song first of all, you have to add it inside your alight motion app because we are going to use that song in our video.

 So you must add a lot of songs, add a song, only when you have a low voice in that song, I have put a mark on it and on that route you have to add your photo, then here I am the first one I add a photo of yours on the mark and you can see this photo here as soon as this song is the lyrics of our song.

 The lyrics of that song should be adjusted accordingly and you can see that by correcting it, all of you add all the photos one by one in the middle of the mark, after adding all the photos, if you have your YouTube Have watched the video.

 So you must have seen that we have used the effect of red color in a demo video firstly, then to put it there, you have to click on the next sign and here you have to take 1 square shape as soon as you take the square shape, I will tell you in the video Full screen is to be done by police day or you have to red color that square size.

 So that the red color looks very good in our video and if you want to blend that red color, then you have to click on the blending button to blend it and put it here and turn on this mode and you can watch our video I have a red colored shirt.

 And this video has started to look great and after this we will add shake effect to our video, shake effect effect is in a lot of training nowadays, so you must use the same fact in this video and they look very good in our original form at the moment. So here I have given a link to shake effect effect.

 You will get that effect from that link and after that click on the export button to save this video in your gallery, you will get this video in your mobile gallery and this video will be available on your Instagram or any other You can get a lot of views by sharing on other social media platforms.

 If you have any problem in making this video, then you must join us on Telegram, I will give you all the material direct on Telegram and there you can contact me thank you


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