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 Features of Jio Phone 3

With the launch of Jio Phone 3, we can see a lot of great improvements. Jio Phone 3 is likely to get the most powerful hardware At this time the company can bring its new phone with the Android app. Rumors also indicate that the screen will be larger. In addition, the Jio Phone 3 will come with a larger battery. We can also expect better camera performance from an upcoming device.

Is Jio 3 Phone Arriving?

The call is expected to start in 2019. Now, an announcement is expected from Reliance Jio soon. People are waiting for the next type of Jio Phone.

How do I book My Jio Phone Online?

Jio’s online reservations are available at and in the MyJio app. You get to book a phone with a few simple steps. Booking date, price, and features will be announced soon.

How do I order a Jio Phone?

There are three ways in particular to order Jio Phone. You can order from Jio’s official website. The first version of the feature phone is also available on Amazon and Flipkart. So you can choose any method you like.

What is the RAM of Jio phone 3?

The Jio Phone 3 is expected to come with 2GB RAM integrated with a 1.4GHz processor.

What is the cost of Jio Phone 3?

Jio Phone 3 will cost around Rs. 4,500. An entry-level smartphone from Jio will come with a 5-inch HD screen and Android Go OS.

Reliance Jio Phone 3 Price in India

The price of a Reliance Jio Phone 3 smartmobile in India is likely to be Rs 2,999. Reliance Jio Phone 3 is rumored to be launched in the country on July 27, 2020 (Unofficial).

These are some of the great search terms on google these days and you probably know better why. It is because of the leaked news of the Jio Phone3 that will enter the Indian market and most notably the 5G compatibility of this upcoming device. The hipe for people is so high that everyone on the internet is uploading leaked images (Not yet confirmed by Reliance Jio) and talking about the device on Google as well as on youtube. Therefore, as we “JiOFI.SERVICES” always promise to provide you with the best and most in-depth information about devices launched by Reliance or planning to launch it, We will provide you with all the information about this device. When Introduced, What Will Be The Price, How To Book One, Is It Possible To Pre-Book This Device? and many more. So, now let’s get right to the point.

We all know now that Jio’s reliance works on their third cell phone which is the Jiophone3 and every week or month we are approaching the day of launch and leak. A few days back, like a media review, there was a major leak emerging in the mobile industry. namely, JIO PHONE

Jio Phone 3 Vs Xiaomi’s Redmi GO

We all know that this time the Jio Phone category has moved to the smoother and smarter, ANDROID. The Android version to be used by jio, is the simplest Google software for Android aka Android Go.

Another big phone company is Redia Xiaomi and they are also heading to India in a few months with their new Android GO device called Redmi GO.

The device has already been introduced to other markets and reports suggest that Xiaomi’s new Redmi Go could launch in India at the end of Q1 2019.

Considering the popularity of the Jio Phone in India, Xiaomi Redmi GO is likely to face some major competition in the smartphone market here in India.

Mukesh Ambani at Reliance AGM 2020 announced that the company was building its 5G infrastructure in the country and said the network would be available to all soon. Ambani also announced a Reliance partnership with Google and said it would work with tech giant to build the Android JioPhone for people. The company is expected to deliver 4G and 5G smartphones in partnership with Google.

There is not much information available about the upcoming Jio – Google’s smartphone so far but it is said that Reliance will make Hardware and Google will offer its own software. The company is expected to launch the device next to its 5G network by the end of the year or early 2021. Ambani is yet to officially confirm the rollout of the network with this tool.

However, Reliance has indicated that it plans to work with Google, which is not the only source of revenue for the device. To ensure that costs remain low, Jio will need an inexpensive chipset and an affordable 5G modem, which is where Jio-Qualcomm’s investment will work. Both companies can combine to make a chipset with an integrated 5G modem, much cheaper than its current cheapest 5G wallet, the Snapdragon 765G 5G.

Operating system

As it will be a standard entry device, the latest version of Google’s Android app will not work properly. Google will have to provide trust with a broken version of the app.

Jio 5G explained: What does the solution mean for Reliance, and its users?

4G phone first

According to Business Insider, the new version of JioPhone 3 will be launched for the first time as a 4G smartphone. After that, the company is expected to bring the same 5G variant.


2G: Yes

3G: Yes

USB: Yes



Wifi: Yes

VoLTE: Yes

Usb type: microUSB

Bluetooth: Yes

Usb type: v2.0

USB Feature: Yes


OS: Android

Browser: Yes

cpuCores: Quad Core

CPU: 1.4 GHz


GPS: Yes

Sensors: Accelerometer

3.5mm main jackphone: Yes

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